Automatic Passenger Counting

The highly advanced R-Com IoT VT Automatic Passenger Counting system ( VT-APC ) uses high resolution video camera to count, record & compare passenger activity on public transportation  A dedicated, highly advanced VT APC processor module captures live video footage of passenger activity and converts this into ‘units / blobs of data’.

Sophisticated, embedded algorithms eliminate potential errors and compensate for shadows, poor light, duplication & very close people counting as passengers get on and off.

Data is transferred to an on board MQTT logger unit where the data is stored and converted to industry standard MQTT format prior to transmission via Wi-Fi / network protocols to a remote Cloud based server.

Converting the data in real time & in situ in this way facilitates significant data compression in order to maximize the efficient storing and subsequent transmission of data for analysis.

Making alternative public transportation more widely available, viable and desirable is one of the key objectives of any City planning team as they wrestle with the problems of road congestion and pollution.

The real time & time stamped, 24hr base data provided by the R- Com VT Passenger Counter can provide invaluable data regarding actual usage of public transportation.

Understanding the quantity, frequency and behavior of passengers can give essential insights for transport operators and planners.


Precise Data Capture
Accurately and consistently record CO2 and NO2 levels
around the city.

Monitor Pollution Levels
Record changes in pollution levels correlated with pedestrian and vehicle volumes.

24/7 Detection
Measure pollution levels throughout the day.

Traffic vs pollution Comparison
Allows direct correlation between traffic counts Vs Pollution

Monitor Industrial Pollution cycling to schools.
Allows monitoring of traffic around industrialised areas for NO and CO around factories & industrialised companies.

Health Initiative Validation 
Validate Health initiatives within cities. Smarter cities will increase the number of individuals making walking and cycling trips. This has a positive economic impact, primarily by improving general health of people, by walking and cycling more regularly, and by reducing absenteeism from work and directly correlating this with pollution level data delivered around the city.

Detect H&S Black Spots
Identify/verify pollution related health & safety black spots

Monitor Peak Activity Impact
Understand the impact of peak period activity such as major
city events, football games, concerts and public gatherings,
which increase traffic volumes and congestion.

Safeguard Green Areas
Ensure pollution levels around green public spaces and
public facilities are minimized.

Plan Strategic Mobility Flows
Allows strategic and effective mobility flow strategies to be
implemented around hotspot areas around schools where it
is highly important to reduce traffic promoting healthier
modes of walking and Monitor Industrial Pollution cycling to schools.

Legal Policies via Data
Use the data to identify and prosecute polluters or make
changes to roads / traffic management policy

Why R-Com?

Our R-Com VT Passenger counting systems are over 98% accurate in comparison to manual counting, and our sophisticated algorithms easily distinguish bikes, luggage, adults and children in order to maintain accuracy.

In addition, stakeholders can easily verify the automated counts by simply watching the video playback feature and seeing the passenger counts change.


Cameras Installed Internally or Externally

GPS For Stop Identification

Door Status Sensors Minimise Artefacts

9-14 or 15-36 VDC Operation

Real-Time passenger counts, GPS locations and historic based datasets

Robust enclosure & Weatherproof design for outdoor / indoor vibrational deployment

Supports multiple network connectivity protocols. WAN / LAN / Cellular / LoraWAN

Real Time Data Availability

UK Designed, Developed & Manufactured

Data stored & transferred in MQTT format to reduce impact of network disruption, minimise data volumes, enhance transfer speeds, ensure GDPR compliance

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