Footfall Counting

The R-Com IoT VT footfall counting system uses a lamppost / wall mounted, high resolution video camera to count, record & compare pedestrian activity. The primary function of this device is to accurately count footfall entering and leaving a defined zone / specific location within the field of the camera lens.

A dedicated VT processor module captures live video footage of footfall / pedestrian activity and converts this into ‘units / blobs of data’.

Sophisticated, embedded algorithms eliminate potential errors and compensate for shadows, poor light, duplication & tailgating.

Data is transferred to an on board MQTT logger unit where the data is stored and converted to industry standard MQTT format prior to transmission via Wi-Fi / network protocols to a remote Cloud based server.

Converting the data in real time & in situ in this way facilitates significant data compression in order to maximize the efficient storing and subsequent real time transmission of data for analysis.

The real time & time stamped, 24hr base data provided by the R- Com VT Footfall Counter can provide invaluable data regarding the daily life and health of a City economy.

Understanding the quantity, frequency and behaviour of pedestrians within very specific locations can give invaluable insights for retailers, planners and businesses within the City.


Impact Monitoring
Monitor the impact of promotions, events & crowd management strategies

Eliminating Congestion
Test re configuration of street layouts & major access / entry points around the given perimeter in order to eliminate congestion / improve flow

Dwell Time Analysis
Detect & record how long people spend/ queue in one place ( Dwell time ) and how often that place was visited, for example:  toilets, parks, information boards, public buildings / spaces.

Before vs After Comparison
Test the popularity of new facilities / features through before and after comparison.

Measure Flow
Manage the flow of human traffic around the busiest routes within town and city centres and high streets.

Calculate Footfall
Measure frequency and volume of footfall at different times of day in order to more effectively plan & position related resources.

Black Spot Detection
Identify security / health & safety black spots.

Public Service Usage
Measure usage & popularity of public services locations & transport hubs, such as Park & ride / Stations / Bus stops.

Optimal Operating Hours
Identify optimal opening / closing times and peak periods.

Business Rates & Rental Justification
Support the case for Business Rates and justify rents through accurate footfall data.

Why R-Com?


The real time & time stamped, 24hr base data provided by the R- Com VT Footfall Counter can provide invaluable insights regarding pedestrian activities.

The system architecture means counts for different areas and towns can be seen together as they happen in real time.

There are no limits to the size of the system, simply connect as many cameras and counters as you require to provide an accurate representation of footfall in real-time.


Fully Weather Proof
Robust weather proof enclosure & reliable high quality components (High resolution camera, processor board, data logger, network connectivity.)

95% Accurate Algorithms
Sophisticated, future proofed, proven software algorithms ensure high accuracy in access of 95%

Extremely Secure & Stable Platform
Data stored & transferred in MQTT format to reduce impact of network disruption, minimise data volumes, enhance transfer speeds, ensure GDPR compliance & supports 3rd party data analysis platforms

Multiple Connection Options
Supports multiple network connectivity protocols. WAN / LAN / Cellular / LoraWAN

Real Time Data Availability

Module Upgrade Options
Range of optional upgrade modules available for Pollution, Cycle, Traffic monitoring

Highly Secure Data Storage
Remote Cloud server & dashboard software provides secure data storage, back up, secure access plus easy data analysis & data sharing tools

UK Designed, Developed & Manufactured

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