Vehicle Counting

The R-Com IoT VT vehicle counting system uses a high-resolution video camera to monitor and record vehicle activity along specified routes or zones.

How does our vehicle counting system work?

After mounting on a wall or lamp post, our system uses CCTV and IoT VT (video turnstile) processing units to record traffic flow in a specified zone. Our system achieves extremely high accuracy in all outdoor conditions.

Whether it’s day, night, rain, sun or snow, the R-Com IoT VT vehicle counter collects data of traffic activity using our unique process:

A dedicated VT processor module captures live video footage of traffic in your designated zone.

Embedded algorithms eliminate potential errors in the footage. For example, compensating for shadows, poor light, duplication and tailgating.

The data is transferred to an onboard MQTT logger unit for storage.

Stored data is converted to industry-standard MQTT format before being sent via Wi-Fi (or network protocols) to a remote cloud-based server.

Traffic monitoring system: product features

Whether it’s for traffic safety monitoring or urban planning, the features of our vehicle counter combine to create a system offering only top-quality results:

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Reliable, weatherproof components. Our traffic counting devices are fully weatherproof and made from high-quality components. A high-resolution camera, processor board, data logger and network connectivity come as standard.

Outstanding data storage solutions. Store your data securely in our remote cloud server. The use our dashboard software for secure storage, back-up, access, plus easy-to-use tools for data analysis and sharing.

Real-time data. You don’t have to wait to analyse your traffic data. Our software coverts footage in real-time, so you can keep up with the data and respond to the results.

Multiple connection options. Our devices support multiple network connectivity protocols. Compatible with WAN, LAN, cellular and LoraWAN.

Highly accurate algorithms. Sophisticated and future-proofed, our unique software algorithms ensure accuracy rates more than 98%. This includes the option of classifying vehicles into three categories – small, medium, and large.

Extremely secure data transfer. Your traffic counting data is stored and transferred in MQTT format. This reduces the impact of network disruption, minimises data volume and increases transfer speeds. This method also ensures GDPR compliance and supports 3rd-party data analysis platforms.

Upgradable modules. It doesn’t just end at traffic monitoring systems. We offer a range of optional upgrades to enhance your data. Try adding modules for pollution, cycling, and footfall counting.

Made in the UK. All of our traffic monitoring devices are designed, developed and manufactured in the UK.

“Our monitoring, classification of vehicles and reporting is now 100% automated and highly accurate. Engaging with R-Com and their associated technical resource was a great experience.”

– Springfield Farm Quarry

Why do you need to install a vehicle counting system?

Understanding the quantity, frequency, direction, and occupancy of vehicles provides invaluable insight for both public and private sectors:


Traffic monitoring system: product uses

Every R-Com customer has their own reasons for counting and monitoring traffic. But with our reliable monitoring devices, you’ll be able to do all of the following and more.

Your business or organisation can use vehicle detection sensors and camera in order to:

Manage city and highway traffic. Implement effective city traffic management strategies by analysing the most popular routes. Monitor exit and entry points onto specific section of roads. Calculate journey times and wait times at key intersections.

Make business decisions with confidence. Work out where to place advertisements or showrooms – record vehicle activity at key points along highways and major intersections.

Monitor impact. Record vehicle activity before and after new road traffic initiatives. You can even use it to influence stationary traffic, by monitoring the impact on city parking resources, building a case for cycling routes or new park and ride initiatives.

Compare data. Compare your traffic counting data with upgradable modules like air quality data. With this you can measure vehicle emissions with a full understanding of the environmental impact.

Keep the public safe. Identify potential bottlenecks and safety issues in public roads and highways. Support planning and measure the impact of major city events to work out how to safely flow traffic.

Why is the R-Com vehicle counting system unique?

R-Com vehicle and traffic monitoring cameras achieve more than 98% accuracy, in all weather conditions and times of day.

With our multi-way junction IoT VT unit technology, just one camera can cover several exits of a junction. Our detectors can be set to count traffic and motor vehicles in any number of sophisticated ways:

Vehicles going straight on a two-directional road, with multiple lanes.

Vehicles travelling on a two-directional road, with multiple lanes and multi-directional junctions.

At four-way junctions, our traffic counting system can provide multi-directional counts for vehicles turning north, south, east or west and coming from any direction.


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