Cycle counting

The R-Com IoT VT cycle counting system uses a high-resolution video camera embedded unit to measure and monitor cyclist activity.

How does our cycle counting system work?

Set in a specific zone and mounted upon a wall or lamp post, our dedicated VT (video turnstile) processor captures live video footage of cyclists passing through. With your specified area in its lens, this high-resolution camera takes real-time footage of local bike users.

Our cycling monitoring device can count effectively in any type of urban area or cycle route. After setting your monitoring zone, our system achieves accurate results using a sophisticated process:

A dedicated VT processor module captures live video footage of bicycle usage activity.

The VT processer then converts this footage into units of count data.

Embedded algorithms eliminate potential errors in the footage. For example, compensating for shadows or poor light, duplication and cyclist tailgating.

The data is transferred to an onboard MQTT logger unit for storage.

Stored data is converted to industry-standard MQTT format before being sent via Wi-Fi (or network protocols) to a remote cloud-based server.

After collecting and converting data in this way, we can compress it significantly. This allows our customers to immediately analyse real-time data on cycle monitoring.

Cycle counting system: Product Features

With public health and road safety issues revolving so often around cycling, our monitoring devices can help influence important decision-making. Whether it’s affecting cyclists at a local or a national level, there is a need for reliable real-time data – this can only be achieved with world-class features such as:

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Outstanding data storage solutions. Store your data securely in our remote cloud server. Use our dashboard software for secure storage, back-up, access, plus easy-to-use tools for data analysis and sharing.

Multiple connection options. Our cycle counting devices support multiple network connectivity protocols. Compatible with WAN, LAN, cellular and LoraWAN.

Extremely secure data transfer. Your cycling usage data is stored and transferred in MQTT format. This reduces the impact of network disruption, minimises data volume and increases transfer speeds. It’s also GDPR compliant and supports 3rd-party data analysis platforms.

Top-quality components. Our reliable device is fully weatherproof and made from high-quality components. A high-resolution camera, processor board, data logger and network connectivity come as standard.

Highly accurate algorithms. Sophisticated and future-proofed, our unique software algorithms ensure accuracy rates in excess of 95% for cycle counting.

Real-time data. Don’t wait to analyse your bicycle usage data. Our software can convert footage in real-time, allowing you to keep up with the data and react accordingly.

Upgradable modules. Choose from a range of optional upgrades to enhance your data. We offer extra modules for pollution, pedestrian counting, and traffic monitoring.

All of our cycle counting devices are designed, developed and manufactured in the UK.

Why should you install a cycle counting system?

Most towns and cities are looking at ways to encourage people to leave their cars in favour of cycling and walking. But understanding the needs and behaviour of cyclists is the first step in creating and managing a successful cycle network.

Reliable data on the quantity, frequency, direction, and busy routes for cyclists provides insight for both public and private sectors:


Cycle counting system: Product Uses

When it comes to counting and monitoring bike users, every client will have their own reasons for installing a counting system. Our monitoring devices allow your business or organisation to:

Keep cyclists safe

Accurately record cyclist activity at key points along cycle routes to identify bottlenecks and problem spots. Add on our traffic and air quality monitoring upgrades to work out how to minimise cyclist exposure to harmful emissions.

Implement better cycle routes

Monitor exit and entry points onto a dedicated cycleway to better understand where these are needed. Calculate journey times and wait times at key intersections to find out which routes are most efficient.

Manage the flow of bicycle traffic

Monitor frequency and time-of-day usage of cycle paths. Identify the most popular routes to work out where else to funnel bike users. Support the planning and measure the impact of major cycling events.

Compare & contrast

Monitor frequency and time-of-day usage of cycle paths. Identify the most popular routes to work out where else to funnel bike users. Support the planning and measure the impact of major cycling events.

Safely increase the number of cyclists

Use monitoring data to validate healthy cycling initiatives in urban areas. Aimed at increasing cycle-only pathways and reducing the number of vehicles, this can ultimately popularise healthier modes of transport within cities.

What’s unique about the R-Com cycle counting system?

R-Com cycle counting systems achieve in excess of 95% accuracy in data for cycling activity in any city or urban area.

Our world-class camera and data collection system allows you to access real-time, time-stamped data 24 hours a day. With this, you can immediately gain insight about cycling activity at any time.


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